Innhold – Bind 7

Karl G. Johansson and Else Mundal

Else Mundal

“Or volsko”, “Na den walschen boucken”, “Out of Frensshe”:
Towards a Model of Adaptation
Keith Busby

Chivalric culture in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
Martin Aurell

Translation topoi in Old French narrative literature
Peter Damian-Grint

Rewriting Le Chevalier au Lion: Different stages
of literary transmission
Sofia Lodén

Riddarasǫgur in the North Atlantic literary polysystem
of the thirteenth century. The value of a theory
Jonatan Pettersson

A wave of reading women: The purpose and function
of the translated French courtly literature
in thirteenth-century Norway
Ingvil Brügger Budal

Svá var þá siðr at gera riddara: The chronology
of the riddarasǫgur re-examined
Suzanne Marti

Arthurian ethics in thirteenth-century Old Norse
literature and society
Stefka Georgieva Eriksen

The colour of a sail and blood in a glove.
Medial constellations in the riddarasǫgur
Jürg Glauser

A dragon fight in order to free a lion
Karoline Kjesrud

“Sir Snara Ásláksson owns me”: The historical context
of Uppsala De la Gardie 4–7
Bjørn Bandlien

Clári saga, Hrólfs saga Gautrekssonar, and the evolution
of Icelandic romance
Marianne Kalinke

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