Innhold – Bind 10

Preface   7

Konungs skuggsjá and the Interplay between Universal and Particular
Karl G. Johansson and Elise Kleivane

Wonders at the End of the World: The Time of Marvels in Gerald of Wales’s Topographia Hibernica
Mary Franklin-Brown

Quasi in Speculo: Maps and Geographical Thought in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
Alfred Hiatt

The World Image of the Konungs skuggsjá
Dale Kedwards

Konungs skuggsjá and the Earliest Fragments – A Key to New Insights into Norwegian Literate Culture
Karl G. Johansson

There is More to Stjórn than Biblical Translation
Elise Kleivane

Prester John at the Norwegian Court: The Learned Discource about the Indies in Old Norse Sources
Sverrir Jakobsson

Biblical Kings and Kingship Theory in Medieval Ireland and Norway
Elizabeth Boyle

Composition and Social Structure in Konungs skuggsjá
Sverre Bagge

Encyclopaedic Tendencies and the Medieval Educational Programme: The Merchant’s Chapter of Konungs skuggsjá
Alessia Bauer

The Konungs skuggsjá and the Emergence of a New Elite in Thirteenth-Century Norway
Hans Jacob Orning

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